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Notice to users

The public domain data you are about to download are contributed by the Pandonia Global Network (PGN). Each site has a Principal Investigator(s) (PI), responsible for deployment, maintenance and data collection. The PI has priority use of the data collected at the site. The PI is entitled to be informed of any other use of that site data.

Data description

This site contains data from the so-called “Old PGN processing chain”, which is characterized as follows:

  • The name(s) of the PI(s) do not appear in the meta data and are therefore not automatically displayed in this disclaimer. Therefore, if you want to contact the PI(s), you need to write to the network PI Alexander Cede (<> or <>) to obtain their emails.
  • No quality flags are included in the data and no quality control is applied. This means that it is not certain whether the data of a particular station are calibrated in the best possible way.
  • The total ozone data are calculated with the old algorithm and therefore can have a bias of up to 20DU depending on the instrument.

At some point in 2018 a newer processing chain will be applied to the data displayed on this website.

Recomended guidelines for data use and publication

Although journal paper authorship and acknowledgement is the domain of the senior author and no policy is universally applicable, the PGN contributors ask that every practical attempt be made to honor the following general guidelines.

Using PGN data:

Please consult with the PI(s) of the data to be used.

Publishing PGN data from a 'few' sites:

Please consider authorship for the PI(s) and/or the following acknowledgement: We thank the (Project/PI) for (its/theirs) effort in establishing and maintaining (site name(s)) sites.

Publishing data from 'many' sites:

A general acknowledgement is typically sufficient and may read:

We thank the (PI investigators) and their staff for establishing and maintaining the (#)sites used in this investigation.

However if the PGN data are a principal component of the paper then co-authorship to PI's should be offered.

If you accept the above conditions, please click the "Accept" button below to download the data files.

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